Monday, May 29, 2006

May 29 @ Detroit W 4-0

Strange things happen in baseball.

Randy Johnson, who hasn't had a good start in recent memory, brought a no hitter through 5 2/3. The Tigers, even when they got good wood on the ball, just couldn't buy a hit. Even Gary Sheffield made a nice play.

Hopefully the next outing is just as good for Randy. If he can get himself back on track, then we've got quite the playoff rotation.

Ron Villone again showed Joe Torre why he should be put into closer games. Maybe he'll get into a few big spots in the coming days.

Jeter has been added to the long list of Yankees who have missed time for injury this year. Of Yankee position players, just Arod, Cairo, Phillips, Stinnet, and Melky Cabrera have not missed some time for injury. Fortunately, Jeter should be back tomorrow.