Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 31 @ Detroit W 6-1

The bullpen needed a day off. Mike Mussina, facing the dangerous Detroit Tigers, came up as big as any pitcher this year for the Yankees.

With the list of Yankee all-stars out now at Jeter, Damon, Sheffield, and Matsui, Jason Giambi and Alex Rodriguez played like they needed to in order for the Yankees to win. Melky Cabrera almost added a home run too.

20 wins on the way for Moose? Maybe. Mussina needs a couple more very good seasons to get into the hall. It's nice to have a guy pitching for a contract.

Wang against Verlander tomorrow for the sweep. It'll be a tough one. Randy Johnson, Jaret Wright, and Aaron Small roll in to Baltimore tomorrow, so a win would be pretty big against Detroit. It would be nice to have Detroit needing something to prove after Boston arrives in town on Friday.