Thursday, June 01, 2006

Walking Infirmary

Derek Jeter - 1 Game
Bernie Williams - 1 Game
Jason Giambi - 2 Games
Johnny Damon - 4 Games
Jorge Posada - 6 Games
Bubba Crosby - 12 Games
Hideki Matsui - 19 Games
Gary Sheffield - 21 Games

Carl Pavano - ~10 starts
Shawn Chacon - 3 Starts (including the one he is about to miss)

Kyle Farnsworth - 2 games

66 games from position players mised and 13 starts from pitchers missed. Despite all of that, it's June 1st and the Yankees are in 1st place. On July 1st of last year we were still at .500. I like our chances this year.

Following Matsui's injury, I wrote:

"It's time to buckle down. These next two weeks are going to define the season for the Yankees."

Well, the Yanks have gone 11-7 since then, playing only one easy series along the way.

I like our chances. Champions fight through adversity.