Wednesday, May 31, 2006


LF Cabrera
SS Cairo (Why the **** is he batting 2nd?)
1b Giambi
3b Rodriguez
C Posada
2b Cano
Williams CF
Phillips 1b
Long RF

Alex Rodriguez is officially the only Yankee starter to have started every game this year. No matter what you say about him in clutch situations, big games, or whatnot, Alex Rodriguez still goes out there and plays hard every day.

Jeter must really be hurting, because he would play with an amputated hand, let alone a bad bruise. Damon must really be sore too.

The Yankees have thrown themselves into a bind tonight. With Jeter, Damon, and Sheffield unavailable, Kelly Stinnet is the only replacement off Joe Torre bench. Mariano, Farnsworth and Proctor have pitched a lot lately.

I can't remember a contending team being this injured in a long time. Credit to the few healthy Yankees, because we're still in 1st place.