Sunday, June 18, 2006

Worry About Arod

I know how much we are all trying to make of Alex Rodriguez's seemingly mental struggles. But I think we're just seeing a regression to what Alex Rodriguez actually is going to hit in a Yankee uniform.

Yankee Stadium kills right handed hitters. Absolutely kills them. Remember, Alex broke Yankee long-standing records for home runs by a right handed hitter last year.

Arod is batting .260/.370/.447 at Yankee Stadium and .306/.411/.573 away. His total line is .278/.382/.502.

Last year may have been an outlier. Arod batted .286/.375/.512 in 2004. He batted .280/.365/.492 at Yankee stadium and .293/.386/.534 away.

In 2005, Arod actually performed better at home. He batted .351/.448/.666 at home and .291/.395/.556 on the road.

His career numbers are .306/.385/.574 career. Average those road numbers for three years and you get .296/.397/.554. Almost identical to his career line.

Maybe it's not the media, fans, or boos that Arod can't handle. I say he can't handle death valley.