Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 30th @ Detroit W 11-6

Damon. Sheffield. Both out of the lineup with lingering injuries. Derek Jeter hurting. Posada still recovering. What do the Yankees do? Explode for 11 runs.

Melky is argueably having a better year than Damon. He's flashing more power lately too, hitting a beautiful triple and adding a double tonight. He has pushed his slugging percentage to .409, and his on base percentage to .407.

Sheffield looks to be out for at least two more days. I am very concerned about him. He still has a broken bone in his wrist, which could mean that he will need surgery. Melky is playing great, but we'll be hurting to win without Sheffield.

Why is Scott Erickson on this team? Brian Cashman, get this "proven veteran" off Torre's roster, or else he is going to use him. Word is that when Hill goes down Darrell Rasner will be called up (Matt Smith needs to wait 10 days to be recalled). Rasner could be huge, but is better served as a starter instead of a reliever.

The Yankee bullpen needs a rest. Luckily, Mussina takes the mound tomorrow. Mo looked as good as he ever has tonight, but he will probably be unavailable tomorrow. If the Yankees need reinforcements, Ramiro Mendoza had another phenominal start today, allowing no runs on two hits and two walks in 6 innings while striking out four. Depth is a great thing to have, but you have to use it. Send Erickson and Hill down and call up Rasner and Mendoza.

First place is a glorious thing. With Mussina on the mound tomorrow and the Red Sox unable to beat the Jays, we may just gain sole possession tomorrow. And the Sox will be pushed down to 3rd. Talk about battling through injuries.