Monday, June 19, 2006

June 19 @ Philadelphia L 4-2

This game demonstrated how badly we need a bat.

Posada, Giambi, and Arod all got their hits tonight. They all got in to scoring position. They all had a lot of trouble reaching home plate. Robinson Cano, Bubba Crosby, and the pitcher slot stranded a combined eleven men on base.

Robby Cano is not protection for the middle of the lineup. He's a good player, but not a great player. We need a guy to bash these guys in.

Melky Cabrera may need to hit the bench. He's 1 for his last 18, and struck out 3 times tonight. He looked foolish on one of the strikeouts. He's going to be a very good player, but he may just need a night off. Kevin Thompson or Kevin Reese provide more stick to the lineup than any of the Yankee options on the bench for now, but Cashman needs to pick up a real bat.

Randy Johnson seems to have recovered his form. He pitched much better than his decent 7 IP 3 ER 7 K 2 BB line. If Robby Cano makes that near-error play, then we might just have won this game.

We need a bat.
We need a bat.
We need a bat.