Sunday, June 18, 2006

Pride. Power. Pinstripes

Quoting a poster on a Yankee message board:
yep, i agree 100% as another poster agreed you can't win everygame, this new bread of Yankee Fan dosent understand the concept of losing games and they live and die with every game, a member of this board once said to another member, cant remember who, "You have to remember the season is a marathon not a sprint" these new fans need to realize that you cant win every game, you have tough stretches and easy strectches nothing you can do about it

its sad to see these fans who are every game looking at the standings OMGZ boston is .5 in front OMGZ we're a game up LOL rofl where so bad omgz where amazing Yankees Yankees Yankees, LOLER CUP omgz Wang 20 games rofl, Wow Joe Manage your bullpen come on

These are the same fans that think if you dont like a player on the yankees for a fake fan or if you say something that is negative your fake to

its so hard to stand sometimes

I am a fan of the greatest franchise that professional sports has ever seen. The New York Yankees should be the greatest team in the sport, every year. We do not rebuild. We do not accept anything less than a World Series.

Mantle would not call 95 games and a playoff appearance a good season. He would call anything less than a World Series an utter failure. So do I. I'm sorry, I was not sobered by the 80s. I'm not happy just to have a good season. I grew up with Jeter, Rivera, Williams, Cone, Clemens, O'Neil, and Martinez. I was born a Yankee fan. My first memory? The 1995 playoffs. I watched Tino Martinez hit a grand slam against the San Diego Padres. I chanted "We want the Mets" as we beat the Seattle Mariners in 2000. I cried when Luis Gonzalez hit a little bloop single in 2001.

I am a Yankee fan. What do I want? I want to win 162 games. I want to sweep the World Series. I want to have the best lineup, defense, pitching, and coaching staff in the league. I want to score 1000 runs and lead the league in ERA. I want the rest of the league to stand in awe of the Yankees, trying to figure out how the hell someone can beat us. I want to win every World Series for the next fifteen years.

There is no substitute for victory. Let's go Yankees.